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Blackstrap BBQ is NOW on Grubhub!

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About Blackstrap BBQ

Blackstrap BBQ offers quality slow-smoked barbecue in authentic American regional styles. Excellent quality food with good cheer in a friendly environment.

Barbecue is a labor of love.

The process of cooking is slow, often taking a whole day to cook certain proteins. Long cooking time is ideal for large cuts of meats and meats with lots of connective tissue because it allows time for the tissues break down, making it much more tender. Heat is low and indirect and uses smoldering logs of wood or charcoal to add smoky flavor to the meat. The smoke is hot enough to smolder but not hot enough to burn. At Blackstrap BBQ we use hardwood which consists mostly of oak, but many types of wood can be used.

Enjoy Life + Enjoy BBQ!

Chef Chris Thompson and partner Kate Economides, opened Blackstrap BBQ in October 2010. The two met while working together at the legendary East Coast Grill in Cambridge, MA and have since formed a partnership through their love of good, old-fashioned, All-American barbecue.

Blackstrap BBQ uses primarily Memphis style dry rubs for its ribs and a combination of South Carolina and Eastern North Carolina for its pulled pork. Our brisket is made in a traditional Texas style and the baby back ribs are a traditional Kansas City style... READ MORE.


Any Questions for us?

If you have any inquiries about Blackstrap BBQ, Catering requests, or about events including our open mic nights, brunches and more, please contact us here!